Telephone Banking self service

Our computerized solutions quick and simple to use. It allows you to take care of your day-to-day financial at a time and place that meets you, and there’s no need to line.
With our computerized support you can:
Access your different company records during the same contact
Check your balance and latest dealings
Transfer money between your records
Cancel or listen to details of your Direct Debits and change Standing Purchases
Order claims, paying-in guides and check books
How does it work?
Once you have called us, you will get requested to:

1. Say or key in your consideration variety, type rule, beginning time frame or the 16 variety number from the top side of your Business Charge Cards.

2. Tell us numbers or figures from your PhoneBank® for Business security password, security variety, Online Banking unforgettable details or CVV from your Business Charge Cards.

3. Let us know what you want to do – the robotic voice will acknowledge and react to what you say.

Register today
When you contact us to sign-up, you will get requested to:

Enter your 8 variety consideration variety and 6 variety type rule. These can be found on your Business Charge Cards or latest declaration. On the other hand you can type in the 16 variety number from the top side of your Business Charge Cards.
Let us know your beginning time frame – just say this naturally
Confirm your identification, using your CVV (the last 3 numbers from the trademark remove on the back of your Business Charge Card), or some figures from your Online Banking unforgettable details. If you don’t have a Business Charge Cards or Online Banking, we’ll just exchange you to talk with one of our friendly consultants.

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